NOX is an open source FPS game engine for DarkBASIC Pro.


01 September 2007
Version 3.0 has been released! Too many new features to list. Download it below!

22 August 2007
Version 2.0 has been released! Cut-scenes have been added to create a simple story element. There is a new level with over 50 monsters! Loads of sounds have been added - so turn the volume up!

16 August 2007
I am currently working on a new level to demonstrate all the features of NOX. Should be ready in a week.

7 August 2007
First release of NOX (v1.0) after a week of development.


NOX (v3.0).rar (10MB) - New weapons, effects, and numerous bug fixes
NOX (v2.0).rar - New level
NOX (v1.2).rar - Added vehicles
NOX (v1.1).rar - Added multiple weapons
NOX (v1.0).rar


Fast polygon collision
Jumping, Stairs, Sliding down slopes
Shooting, Multiple weapons, Projectiles
Entities loaded straight from 3DWS (doors, health packs, ammo...)
Lightmaps, Pixel shader flashlight, Offset mapping (similar to bump)
Enemies with smooth animation and intelligent AI
Vehicles (capable of anything from bulldozers to hovercrafts)
Unique HUD for picking up items, opening doors...

And more to come... Got a request? Ask on the forum!


Here is a list of tools that can be used to edit every aspect of this engine:

Coded in DarkBASIC Pro
Models made in Metasequoia and animated in Milkshape
Maps made in 3DWS
Textures made in PSP


Coding, Modeling, Artwork, Website - Oliver
Additional Code - Flamboyant Fish
Collision DLL - Sparky
Shaders - Evolved
Music - Edgen
Sound Effects - Various artists found on Flashloops

And thanks to Lost in Thought for first class hosting!